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G3 Architecture, Inc. provides architecture, planning and interiors services

for developers, national retail tenants, hospitality flags, and municipalities. Our firm provides full architectural services for conceptual site and master planning, branding, programming, building due diligence studies, building and interiors imagery, construction documents and construction administration services for retail, healthcare, senior living, office, hospitality, and mixed-use projects.


We understand that designing and building a development project, a building, or an interior space is a complex task. It starts with a thoughtful conversation about the goals the project should have, listening, and then creating the vision to achieve those goals within a budget.


The collaborative process of design begins with a practical understanding of the many forces that act on a piece of land, a building, or a space. The basic design concepts of access, visibility, building organization and interior image quality are then tempered with the ability to create a vision for the development. We always ask: How does the design differentiate itself from the competition? How does the quality of the environment translate to a unique experience? Does the synthesis of the plan and building architecture create a unique and memorable place? A place that will provide an ambiance for people across the age spectrum?


Place creation is a special task that requires a team of experienced professionals to create two things. The first is a thorough understanding of the client’s vision and how that vision is translated into a targeted message and a design specific to the marketplace. The second is a thorough understanding of how to execute the vision into the built environment. The practical aspects of blending a vision with public opinion, design program requirements, the Owner’s budget, and site specific conditions requires the unique talents of the design team.


Beyond the aesthetics of the site, building and space, we have cultivated relationships with engineers who understand the intricacies of quality in design. Civil, structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical engineering are brought into projects early in the conceptual design process to help frame the architecture, and define building systems and costs, so that financing and schedules can be brought into early focus for the Owner.



G3 Architecture, Inc. is a recognized commercial architecture firm in urban municipalities across the Colorado Front Range, the mountain west, and the west coast. Its award winning work with developers, tenants, and general contractors has produced over 5,245,000 sf of built work throughout the United States (and counting!).



G3 Architecture, Inc. was formed by Scott R. Higa and Joong Song in Denver, CO. Each principal brings a distinct and complementary skill set to our clients and projects. The firm is licensed in 14 states and US territories, and has completed commercial projects throughout the Mountain West, the upper Midwest, the upper Northeast, the middle Atlantic seaboard, Hawaii, and western Canada.




Scott Higa provides an impressive portfolio of experience with G3 Architecture, Inc.  Mr. Higa has led the design of projects from conceptual design and master-planning to final project delivery.  He possesses years of 
knowledge in various types of commercial, retail mixed-use, hospitality, office and industrial developments. 




Joong Song provides an extensive design experience with G3 Architecture, Inc.  Mr. Song leads the design of projects from conceptual design and entitlements through design development.  His work includes site planning, streetscapes, building design, interiors, and environmental graphics.

He brings to G3 Architecture years of knowledge in various types of commercial, retail mixed-use, hospitality, office and industrial developments.

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